Quarter 3 Review Contest Winners are in!

Here at Avantar we are proud of all the users that help out local businesses in their community.  We are proud to present you with last quarters winners comprising from all the directory of the Avantar app family which include: Yellow PagesWhite and Yellow PagesAirYell and Munch.

Number 5:

Patricia B.

Number 4:

Kimberly M.

Number 3:

Jay H.

Number 2:

Patricia S.

And our first prize winner…(drum roll please)

Number 1:

Ed M.

Each top reviewer has won a gift card for themselves and a friend to watch any movie of their choosing.

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Make sure to have your reviews in by the last week in December in order for it to be considered as a contest winner.  Good Luck!

Congrats to our Contest Winners!

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Avantar is honored to present to you the users who rated and reviewed the most businesses this quarter in the Avantar Directory Apps, which include Yellow PagesWhite and Yellow PagesAirYell and Munch.

Number 5:

John P.

Number 4:

Brittany D.

Number 3:

Mia M.

Number 2:

Shannon B.

And our first prize winner, sitting high at

Number 1:

Alyssa W.

Each top reviewer has won free access to the iPhone game Pig Avengers (normally $2.99). Join with us in congratulating these five people in the comments below.

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Make sure to have your review in by the last week in September in order for it to be considered for the next contest.

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Mobilizing Your Message

I was enjoying a burger at the bar, watching the NBA championship game, when three college age boys caught my attention.  They were dressed in jerseys and apparel that is custom of kids that age, but none really stood out; in fact, the three boys blended in.

Their waitress approached and on cue, they all tried to “pick her up.”  She smiled politely at them, took their order, and as she turned, she rolled her eyes and muttered “boys.”

I chuckled and refocused my attention toward my burger and the game.

As the game drew to a close and it was clear that the Heat were on the verge of winning their second title in a row, I noticed the same waitress was now very flirty with a gentleman not much older than the “boys” who had tried and failed just an hour earlier.

He wasn’t dressed much different than her other “courtiers” (if you could call them that), and he was actually very similar to the others appearance wise. In a business sense, the product he was presenting – companionship – was the same.  What was he doing that was so different?

When considering the process that businesses take in advertising, this scenario lends appropriate comparisons.

Tricks of the Trade

If you are a business, you are always competing against similar companies.  And in a very general frame set, your goal of acquiring the consumers loyalty is the same as that of your competition.

iPhone - Your Ad Here

If you are unaware, commerce has reached another turning point.  Like the rise of ecommerce, mobile is the new dress code for the interactive business.

How you advertise within this medium is important.  You have to look good, you have to demonstrate a sense of confidence, and most importantly, you have to spark intrigue.

Christopher Heine from Adweek gives a great breakdown of best practises in mobile advertising to companies big and small.

  • the best mobile ads increase brand awareness by 20 percent, lift brand favorability by 14 percent and push purchase intent by 14 percent;

  • results jump when mobile ads offer coupons, games and premium content;

  • brands should place their logo in the corner of the mobile ad frame;

  • use at least one bright color, but no more than two in the ad;

  • highlight calls to action with a bright color.

The Recap

Looking back at the initial scenario I brought up, the gentleman that got the waitress’s did exactly this.  He had a simple presentation.  He was alone, yet stood out subtly.  He wasn’t too outrageous in demeanor or style, and had a great offer.

As I left the bar, I turned back and saw the waitress take off certain aspects of her uniform and sit with the gentleman at the table.

Not only did he abide by the rules of “courtship” that Chris establishes above, he used them at the right time and in the correct place.

As leaders in local mobile search, if you are looking for new business, consider advertising with us.  We own and continue to develop Yellow Pages the app and other leading directory style apps.

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If you would like more information on how to advertise for your business, contact blairp@avantar.us.